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Grit ®

Somatic Life Coaching for the whole spectrum

Be free.

Be proud.



Somatic Life Coaching +
Unconventional Meditation

 To my fellow Rebels, Creatives, Explorers, Magicians and Outlaws.

To my Aspies, Allies, Aces, Survivors and those navigating cPTSD and narcissistic partners,

Welcome to the haven of Inspired Grit ®.

Where being ‘different’, messy, unclear and gloriously you is welcomed.

Where your neurodiversity flourishes and Trauma isn’t a buzz word but a reality.

And where your topsy-turvy, beautiful, creative brain can use its super powers to play and craft new possibilities in the way it was born to.

This is holistic life coaching for your mind, body, spirit and career so that you can learn to show up and stand out exactly as you are now.

I know you can survive. Now, learn to thrive.

In Solidarity,




Somatic Life Coaching

Polyvagal Awareness & Attunement

Post-Traumatic Growth & Life Redesign

Unconventional Meditation, aka Making and Taking Space

My People

Are usually the exception in the room and exhausted by masking.

Are getting through life, but not exactly thriving.

Recognize their privilege, get lit up about and involved in certain topics, and are learning which battles to fight. 

Have zero patience for platitudes and expect deep conversations about hard topics.

Get that growth isn’t painless and will do the work. 

Struggle to trust and open up, but are compassionate, strong cycle breakers and worth the work.

Love hard. Give harder. Cry often. Won’t back down.

My Style

“You walk softly and carry a big stick.”

“When life hands you lemons, find Ann.”

Envision Baba Yaga as your life coach with her direct, compassionate, fierce and wise voice. That’s me.

I meet you where you are, and support you as you become who you are able to be. (Note: not what. We are humans, not robots.)

I ask the hard questions and can lend my strength and clarity in times of confusion.

I can listen. I can act. I can plan. I can play. It depends on what you need at that time.

Rules can make me claustrophobic. Intuitive play and white-space are my go-to’s.

Movement is my magick place. Don’t be surprised if it enters one of our sessions.

Work with Me

Ann L Dretzka + Inspired Grit ®