About Me

Ann L. Dretzka

A Haven for Spiritual Rebels, Committed Dreamers and ‘Exceptions’ to the Rules.

Inspired Grit® is a space for fluid, fierce presence. My work supports you as you lean in to your dreams, those bits of grit in your oyster that won’t go away. Things shift. Things become. Things leave. Thus is the cyclical nature of our planet and of Inspired Grit.

My Background

I’m not what I appear to be. White-bodied, educated, experienced, female, smart and a bit sassy – yes. Peel that back and you discover neurodiversity, survivor of extreme IPV/DV (intimate partner violence/domestic violence), post-partum depression, big-T Trauma, living with cPTSD as a lone parent, and more. 

In a world awash with coaches, it’s important you know who I am before a list of trainings, certifications and labels. I’ve been through hell. A few times. I’ve survived. I’ve risked. I’ve explored. I’ve pushed nearly every comfort zone. I’ve also lost nearly everything (and I mean actual everything – halfway isn’t my style it seems). I don’t do toxic positivity or platitudes. I’ll stand by you until the bitter end (one of the more endearing traits of us Scorpios). I share my strength so you can find yours. I could keep going, but you get the gist. If you are ready, take a chance.

My Approach

I was born on 11.11. Let’s just say that the Universe was sending a pretty clear sign: the ability to create new beginnings, take inspired action, move forward despite hurdles, see patterns and bring order is literally in my DNA.

One of my unique strengths is as a mirror: I both reflect what I see and act as a portal to infinite possibilities. This strength is a blessing and a curse, as the reality can often overwhelm the desires. Yet this is where my lived experience comes in.

– I don’t do BS well. I’m direct. I’m strong. I speak what I see and I work with people ready to shift without the ‘shit’, both literal and societal.
– I believe and teach woo-woo along with science-based frameworks.
– I am both linear and non-linear in work and life. I have zero qualms stepping outside the box as well as creating one to help you refocus.
– I teach from lived experience. I’ve pushed boundaries, live in daily discomfort, and have re-built my life from scratch.
– Intuition and desire play as big a role in my world as your past performance and supposed ‘purpose’.

If you are looking for a no-nonsense, holistic approach to legitimately creating the life for your unique abilities, then I’d love to connect.