Life Coaching + Movement + Unconventional Meditation & Breathwork for those tired of disconnected experiences and generic, linear approaches.

May your grit be clear, inspired and fierce.


Options to develop a body-based, quantum-minded approach to life where Flow > Force and Energy > Ego.


Move. Breathe. Become. Inspired Grit®

“I believe our lifetime demands two things: 1- strip away the noise and do the work to explore and harness our unique form of personal sovereignty, and 2- ensure our power aligns with the overall ecosystem.”     – Ann L. Dretzka

Somatic + Quantum Life Coaching

Fusing body-oriented modalities with quantum principles, I’m not your average life coach. If you really crave change yet cringe at affirmations, visualizations, and journaling, I feel you. My work incorporates somatic approaches (body/mind), quantum intelligence (energy is infinite) and eco-system awareness (it’s bigger than you). I curate for your needs.

Unconventional Meditation and Breathwork

Ditch generic. You don’t have to sit, clear your mind or even be quiet. Create a kit of tools based on your body, your nervous system, your triggers and your realities. I developed this approach while navigating big-T, complex Trauma and the subsequent realities of cPTSD. If other styles don’t work for you, perhaps you, too, are just unconventional.

Movement Magick​

20+ years of movement training being unravelled to pure magick . Gone are the rules (well, don’t break anything). These workshops offer a loose structure of movement and coaching based on a theme, a story, an archetype, etc. The purpose: creating an opportunity for curiosity and play to enter your life and allow your personal magick to emerge.

About Ann

In a world awash with coaches, it’s important you know who I am before a list of certifications. My life path has been rough terrain. I’ve been through the Hero’s Journey a few times and earned labels like Survivor and Leader. I’ve learned fierce compassion and strong surrender. I don’t do toxic positivity or platitudes, and I believe that dulling my strength and shine won’t help your growth. I’m an ally worth having.


My Experience Includes…

Body-Oriented Coaching
Fusing life coaching with somatic practices is one of my happy places. In short: ensure your body informs and can be informed by your mind, and then get that mind focused on what matters.
Mindfulness Meditation
MBSR trained, this style of meditation is more structured. It has been watered down in recent years, yet the core teachings are infinitely powerful. There is much to be learned in silence.
Polyvagal Meditation
This was life-changing for my big-T Trauma realities. Understanding your nervous system, being able to assign labels and recognize signs are incredible skills in today’s over-stimulated world.
‘Just Breathe’ is condescending. If you are alive, you are breathing. Many aren’t aware of their current breathing limitations and possibilities. Breath can change everything, trust me.
Yoga. Qi-gong. Dance – both traditional and free-form, like ecstatic. The body speaks volumes, and if a top-down approach isn’t working, it’s time to work bottom-up via movement.
Positive Psychology
Science-based frameworks to bring structure to your life. Don’t let your distaste for toxic positivity skew your mind. These are legit powerhouse principles you can incorporate right away.

My Approach & Philosophy

I was born on 11.11. Let’s just say that the Universe was sending a pretty clear sign: the ability to create new beginnings, take inspired action, move forward despite hurdles, see patterns and bring order is literally in my DNA.

One of my unique strengths is as a mirror: I both reflect what I see and act as a portal to infinite possibilities. This strength is a blessing and a curse, as the reality can often overwhelm the desires. Yet this is where my lived experience comes in.

If you are looking for a no-nonsense, holistic approach to legitimately creating the life for your unique abilities, then I’d love to connect.